How to train your dog?

There is a vast difference between having a balanced dog and having a trained dog if you have a dog who managed to respond to at least some of your give commands, this might come in handy when you want to tackle the dog's behavioural problems.

The problems may be linked with the existing condition of the dog, or these might also tend to take place sometime in the future. People are always concerned about how they can start the training of their dogs and the best possible ways to achieve it. One option

that is out there is that one can get the needed training from a proper class and session. Another option for all the dog owners out there is that they can train their dogs themselves, without having to spend money on lessons. This article contains just the right piece of information for the dog owners who want to train their dogs themselves. All you have to do is follow a few steps.


Out of all the dog commands, one which is considered to be the easiest one is "sit". Owners will find this one to be the easiest one to start with. First and foremost, what you need to do is that you have to hold a treat that too close to the nose of the dog.

When you do that, make sure to move your hand up and down so that your dog makes an effort to move its head in the direction of the treat, following it. This step will cause the bottom of the dog to lower down. When you notice that your dog is finally sitting down, only then give him the treat.

Repeat these steps every day for a few times in order for the dog to thoroughly learn it.


This is an essential command which will help your dog to stay out of danger as much as possible. Even if due to some reason you lose the grip of the leash, this command will help you bring back your dog. What needs to be done is that the, you need to put a leash around your dog. Once done with that, bent down and say "come" in a very gentle voice to your dog and try pulling the leash lightly. When your dog gets up and reaches you, offer him/her a treat for listening to your command.